Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions our customers ask before making a booking, we hope these will help you in making the booking with us.

How safe is your service?2017-12-14T07:19:15+00:00

We’ve taken a rigorous approach to ensuring the drivers we employ are the best and safest because your safety is our priority. All drivers are licensed by the local authority and are fully insured.

All drivers have passed criminal record checks with the Criminal Records Bureau.

All vehicles used are less than 5 years old, they are all licensed by the local authority and checked for safety at regular intervals.

I have not received a confirmation email?2017-12-14T07:18:54+00:00

Please check your spam folder first. If you still can’t find your email, please call us to confirm.

Do you always have availability?2017-12-14T07:18:39+00:00

Please try to book in advance, our clever online booking engine will not accept a booking without availability however if your intended journey is less than 24 hours away please call us and check availability before making an online booking.

Will the vehicle be able to take all my luggage?2017-12-14T07:18:24+00:00

If you have extra luggage, it is advisable to book a larger vehicle to be on the safe side, the price difference is often not that much greater, and it will ensure you arrive on time and have a pleasant journey.

How long will the driver wait for me?2017-12-14T07:18:08+00:00

Your ride includes 15 minutes’ waiting time for standard pickups and 45 minutes for airport pickups (unless otherwise stated). Even if your driver has arrived early, your included waiting time starts from the time you booked your ride.

Do you offer wheelchair accessible vehicles?2017-12-14T07:17:52+00:00

Yes, we are able to offer wheelchair accessible vehicles

No, the price you see is the total price for the journey.2017-12-14T07:17:36+00:00

Yes, all drivers and vehicles are licensed by the local authority.

Is the price per person?2017-12-14T07:17:16+00:00

No, the price you see is the total price for the journey.

Am I charged if my flight is delayed?2017-12-14T07:17:02+00:00

No, we do not charge you any extra if your flight is delayed. We always check your arrival time before we dispatch your driver.

Do you need to know the flight number?2017-12-14T07:16:48+00:00

Yes please provide your flight number so we can track the flight online and send the driver accordingly.

How much time do I need to leave from my flight landing to booking a taxi?2017-12-14T07:16:30+00:00

The time can vary quite a lot depending on airport and time of day. We recommend you book for 30 to 45 mins after you land but that you also give us your flight number. Our experienced drivers will know how long you need to come out of the terminal.

When do I need to be at the airport?2017-12-14T07:16:16+00:00

We advise you get to the airport as early as possible. You should always allow 30 minutes to get through security.

  • Long-haul and El Al: three hours before scheduled departure
  • European flights: two hours before scheduled departure
  • UK and Ireland flights: 90 minutes before scheduled departure
Where do I meet my driver when I land at the airport?2017-12-14T07:15:56+00:00

Your driver will be waiting for you in arrivals pickup area of the car park. Ensure you provided a working mobile number and your phone is switched on, the driver will contact you and let you know which vehicle he is in and confirm all pickup arrangements with you.

Can I book a vehicle with a child seat?2017-12-14T07:15:41+00:00

Yes, please request a child seat when making a booking, we will try our best to accommodate your request.

Are the prices fixed?2017-12-14T07:15:27+00:00

Yes, you pay the price you made the booking at, No price surge!

Is the payment secure?2017-12-14T07:15:14+00:00

Yes, your payment is 100% safe, and we do not store your card details on our system.

Will I get a receipt?2017-12-14T07:14:59+00:00

Yes, we will email you a receipt with a booking number and contact number by email.

When are you open till?2017-12-14T07:10:03+00:00

We are open 24 hours a day, all year including all holidays.

How can I pay?2017-12-14T07:09:44+00:00

You can pay by credit/debit card or by cash to the driver on the day. We accept all major cards.

Will I receive confirmation of my journey?2017-12-14T07:09:19+00:00

When booking online, you will receive email confirmations. If, in the unlikely situation we are unable to fulfil your booking, we will refund your payment and cancel the booking giving you plenty of time to make alternative arrangements.

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